Living with animals

Escola Nexes. Metodologia. Convivència amb animals.Convivencia con animales

Nexes is a space cohabited by animals. In our space we have ponies, a hen, chickens, fish, and hundreds of wonderful insects that we are committed to care for and protect. In addition, every week we are accompanied by some of the intervention dogs of the Fundació S’HORT VELL to go for a walk, do some activity or participate in the daily life at the ranch.

At S’Hort Vell live more than 60 horses, ponies, and foals, which are part of our daily life, as we see them and interact with them on the way to school, every time we go on an excursion outside our premises or when we find them free in the facilities. All the animals at S’Hort Vell are used to interacting with humans in educational and/or therapeutic contexts, so they are completely accustomed to our presence and interaction.

At school we see how animals can live in the present, in the here and now. They move according to their needs and affections. They are sensitive to our energy and emotional state, and their reactions provide us with information that allows us to reflect on how we approach them. They can communicate with us, as long as we can understand it.

To approach animals with respect and safety, we teach children to interpret the non-verbal signs that indicate that an animal is calm, stressed, afraid… They also learn to set limits when they do not want the animal’s proximity or consider it too invasive.

Through mutual knowledge, presence, physical contact… Children build up a bond with animals, which, without becoming their pets, can acquire a certain relevance in their emotional world. The bonding and care of these animals, together with living in a green environment, ensures that children develop a more holistic and sensitive view of the beings around them.

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