Respectful accompaniment

Escola Nexes. Metodologia. Acompanyament respectuós.Acompañamiento respetuoso

At Nexes we allow and accept all children’s feelings and emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant, so we also accompany them. Their function is to communicate something that needs to be attended to. The expression of these emotions, often in the form of laughter, crying, screaming, shouting, tantrums, etc., in a safe environment and accompanied by adults who are present and prepared, is essential for the full development of the child; it is necessary for these emotions to be dealt with in a healthy way.

The presence of the adults who accompany the children’s learning processes is a key part of the process. Trusting in children’s potential and with an attentive and loving view, far from trying to avoid, distract or hide children’s emotions, they give them a place, validate them, allow their expression in a safe environment, put words to what is happening and pay special attention to their body reactions.

It is from such accompaniment that secure attachments are created. These give children the confidence to investigate their environment and lay the foundations for their development.

So that all the above can take place in harmony, we work with small groups of a maximum of 8 children per guide.