Homemade and sustainable food

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Whether at mid-morning snack, lunch, or afternoon snack, we take care of the good nutrition of children and the acquisition of personal and social habits, such as chewing food well, promoting autonomy through the use of cutlery, eating sitting down, setting the table, taking care of cleaning their plate at the end among other things.

Feeding times provide us with a lot of pedagogical richness, as we work on many things through this habit. Treating these moments carefully, calmly and at a child’s pace allows us to make the most of all this value.

From 10am until lunchtime we present what we call a community snack to share the pieces of fruit and nuts that each family has brought to school with the children and their companions. The snacks are fruit and nuts only and are in the room, available throughout the morning so that the children, as they get hungry, they can come and satisfy their hunger.

At approximately 12.30h, the Els Molins nursery school, which has its own dining room and cook, brings lunch to the school every day. It is a menu based on local, km 0, organic and seasonal food, because we want to offer the healthiest and most nutritious food possible. The menu is adapted to the nutritional needs of children from 3 to 6 years old and to possible allergies and intolerances that may arise.