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Living in nature offers us infinite possibilities. It guides us to become aware of the passage of time, cyclical processes, slow rhythms, structures, silence, sounds, death, birth, and a long list of life experiences. It connects children with their most intimate needs, offering them the appropriate learning to regulate them when they are feeling them in their bodies.

Feeling the weather, observing the seasons, knowing the phases of the moon, picking the fruits of the season, touching the elements of the earth, smelling the plants, listening to birds sing. We continuously learn how the world works from direct experience, we are aware of other forms of life and the different life processes, we understand that we are part of this natural cycle, that we belong to a larger system that has to be cared for and protected. With the initiative that characterises children and through real experience, they learn to learn, to be self-satisfied and to cultivate the illusion of discovering the world around them.

In recent years, the benefits of bringing children closer to nature have been documented in numerous scientific investigations, referring to:

  • Creativity and cooperation through play
  • Improvement of cognitive skills, observation, concentration, and attention
  • Improved academic performance and self-discipline
  • Encourages reasoning, critical thinking, decision making and conflict resolution
  • Encourages movement, psychomotor development, and body awareness
  • Benefits to the immune system
  • Development of social and communication skills
  • Growth in harmony, away from noise pollution and over-stimulating environments

What happens if the weather is bad?

In the reference space we have two covered porch structures, interior spaces designed so that different atmospheres can be created, always respecting the guidelines of the project. In the facilities of the Fundació S’HORT VELL there is also a covered infrastructure, available for multiple uses. Storms are exceptional on our island and dangerous weather is rare. However, we are always aware of forecasts and can offer alternatives in case of need.

Don’t forget that “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. In other words, you need good equipment, and you need to be active. Appropriate clothing does not mean special clothing, but simply comfortable clothing adapted to the weather and always “available “. Layers are practical, as the child can regulate, according to his or her temperature, whether to take clothes off or put them on.

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