Espais Nexes

The school has an indoor space as a reference building, which is open and directly connected to the natural outdoor space. The children can move freely through both environments as they need to, as both inside and outside there is an adult who accompanies the play. The interior space is always available during the day to meet the needs of rest or shelter, so that children can live in it autonomously. It has different areas for reading, experiments, constructions, unstructured material, mattresses and pillows, fabrics and swings, mirrors, costumes, tables for artistic expression… 

The outdoor space at Nexesis where most of the symbolic play takes place and is made up of a large porch where we enjoy our meals, a vegetable garden area, chicken coop, experimental table/kitchen, tool corner, several small houses, pond with fish, fruit trees and various natural elements. At the same time, it can be connected to another outdoor space right in front of the school. We call it a space for movement as it has several ramps, swings, ropes and a climbing wall that invite children to play in a more active way.

In addition, the facilities of the Fundació S’HORT VELL are also part of our daily life, and we use them continuously when we visit the horses and ponies, go for food, or go on an excursion. So, the sand tracks, the cross country, the paddock paradise, the paddocks, or warehouses are also spaces that are filled with play when we set foot in them.